Westgate Resort Specials Spotlight

Great Resorts Special Deals

As a proud owner of westgate resorts we wanted to share some of the westgate resort specials on this spotlight. Our experience has been wonderful! all of the resorts I have visited to date have been top flight. My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. To give you a little back story I first visited one of the resorts as a special deal I was so impressed I bought, I believe you will feel the same!

Westgate Resorts Specials

Westgate Resorts are like home but better! Westgate have spacious, luxurious top rated family friendly resorts with very comfortable accommodations in some of the most popular vacations in the USA. You can try beautiful studio suites on the beach or multi-bedroom villas offering ski privileges. The resorts are loaded with amenities. From exclusive dining and world class spas to kids’ clubs and scheduled activities, westgate does a great job of creating lifelong vacation memories while also putting you on the doorstep to some of America’s favorite parks, cities and attractions. At Westgate Resorts, you will enjoy more for less especially if you use the discount codes we have provided you!

5 Things every Great Resort Has

1. A Resort Hotel Has Exciting Recreational Activities

A vacation is never complete without some recreational activities. Travelers get to connect with nature and get some exercise in a new and dynamic setting. Activities like golf, tennis, skiing, swimming, mountain biking, horseback riding or surfing are common in warm weather. During the winter weather, visitors can try out activities like dog sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling and fly fishing.

2. A Resort Hotel Offers New Tastes in Dining

Sometimes dining can be one way to experience part of a culture or regional history of a place within a resort hotel. A resort hotel may feature a celebrity chef restaurant or focus their cuisine on local specialties. Also, some luxury resort hotel restaurants may also opt to use locally sourced produce and food products.

3. A Resort Hotel Often Has Dynamic Cultural Activities

For many visitors, experiencing the culture of a place is important to understand a bit about the people and history. For example at some Hawaiian resort hotels, visitors have a chance to experience a little bit of Hawaii’s culture through lei making classes and hula dance lessons.

4. A Resort Hotel is All About Local Area Attractions

Sometimes going to a resort is all about the local attractions. Many resort hotels in Florida, California and other states are located either nearby or inside major theme parks. So many parents often choose a particular resort hotel based on its location. However, also these hotels also feature extra amenities like the several pools, tennis courts and sporting facilities to keep families happily occupied during their stay.

5. Relaxing Spa Treatments at a Resort Hotel

For many stressed out travelers, intensive spa treatments can make a good vacation even better. Many hotel resort spas create their own specialty spa treatments, based on natural ingredients which can be found locally. These spa treatments may include ingredients like flower petals, coconut milk, sea salt, milk, honey, vanilla, citrus essences, fragrant oils and tropical fruits. Spa menus often include treatments like facials, manicures, pedicures, whole body treatments, body wraps, aromatherapy or massage.

We think you will find that Westgate hits the marks

Locations and Special links here. Check out our Featured Listing Here.

Branson, MO – Current Special Deal

Gatlinburg, TN – Current Special Deal

Las Vegas, NV – Current Special Deal

Miami, FL – Current Special Deal

Myrtle Beach, SC – Current Special Deal

Orlando, FL – Current Special Deal

Park City, UT – Current Special Deal

River Ranch, FL – Current Special Deal

Williamsburg, VA – Current Special Deal



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A Reason to Smile Dentistry

Dentist in East Windsor NJ

NJ Business Finder recently spoke with Dr. Daniel Pizzi D.M.D a leading respected Dentist regarding his thriving practice in the East Windsor NJ.

NJBF – How Long has A Reason to Smile been in existence?

Dr. Pizzi – We began the practice in May of 2001

NJBF – Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

Dr. Pizzi – I attended Rutgers University and the NJ Dental School at the time a part of UMDNJ, I graduated in 1998. I am a member of the prosthodontic honor society Gamma Pi Delta. I served a 1 year residency at Jersey Shore Medical Center. I like to travel with my family and a devoted Jets fan

NJBF – My condolences on being a Jets fan

Dr. Pizzi – hope is eternal smile…

NJBF – Tell us a bit about your practice

Dr. Pizzi – Sure, Our patients range in age from 2½ to 94. Our treatment philosophy is based on kindness, compassion, and educating our patients as to their dental needs. We handle routine dental care, aesthetic dentistry, implant dentistry, orthodontics, and complex dental rehabilitation.

Our professional, attentive staff will assist you in navigating the often confusing and difficult world of insurance. We simplify the process and make it very understandable, making your insurance a tool to help your overall dental care. We don’t surprise our patients with high dental bills. Rather, we estimate what your costs would be before treatment occurs. For patients without insurance, we have many financing options to help you receive the dental care that you require.

NJBF – What is your location?

Dr. Pizzi – Our location is 113 Maplestream Road Suite One East Windsor NJ 08520

NJBF – Are you taking on more patients?

Dr. Pizzi – By all means we look forward to helping as many patients as we possibly can our number is 609.426.4500

NJBF – Thank you for your time and we will look at the video to see inside your practice.

Dr. Pizzi – Thank you as well

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How This Entrepreneur Kept His Day Job While Starting a Business

Devote time to your side hustle while keeping your regular paycheck.

The below article is from Entrepreneur Magazine written by Nathan Resnick/Feb 10, 2017

Some entrepreneurs are glorified in the media for making the leap from full-time worker to business owner. While this strategy can work for some people, other times it adds unnecessary risk.

Starting a business doesn’t mean you need to quit your day job. It means devoting time and energy to a side hustle that can eventually become your full-time gig. Businesses aren’t born overnight, and having a source of income while getting your business off the ground can be a key to success.


For Jason Quey, an entrepreneur who launched his first footwear and clothing business at age 22, quitting his day job wasn’t necessary to generate more than $211,000 in revenue by the end of his first year.

Since then, Quey has been working as a freelance marketer, continuing to test different side projects. Although it’s tempting to be jealous of other entrepreneurs, Quey finds this route as a low-risk way of finding entrepreneurial success. Additionally, he can test new ideas on his projects, giving him the ability to deliver great results for his clients.

To start your own business on the side, Quey recommends aspiring entrepreneurs focus on three things:

1. Use your day job to build your business.

While building a side business, your day job is your number one priority. There are a lot of no-no’s you need to avoid so you don’t get fired, or sued, like working on company time. That doesn’t mean the eight hours at work need to be wasted, either.

Quey took on projects that would give him valuable skills for his business. As a marketer, Quey decided to make fellow marketers and startup cofounders his target audience. This allowed him to gain insight into how to better serve his potential customers. Through his work, Quey also discovered an untapped market. Many marketers believe in the show, don’t tell model of marketing. They value in-depth studies, actionable content and in-depth data to back up their points.

In the field of fashion and style, many thought leaders and influencers simply share their opinions. Few of them back up their advice with facts. Quey used that knowledge to start a blog on the psychology of style. His first article focused on the psychology and ROI of clothing, including data-backed research showing how one accessory can increase your perceived net worth by $13,000. Alternatively, you can create and sell an online course based on your skills using a platform like Kajabi.

While your full-time work should be your first priority, there are still effective ways you can use that time to grow your business and lower your risk.

Another way you can lower your risk is to start off using other people’s money.

2. Build your business using other people’s money.

Many people fear starting a business will cost them thousands of dollars. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Quey started Cofounders With Class with paying a penny upfront. Instead of pursuing traditional funding sources — and because of his high credit score — he opened up 12- and 18-month interest-free credit cards. Whenever he could not pay directly on a credit card, he used payment sites like Paypal. This took a lot of the pressure off him to make sales immediately. Instead, he could focus on building long-term value for his customers.

Another alternative is using marketplace sites like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. This is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their business. Quey started his first business on eBay for less than $100. After finding a few clearance deals, he listed five items on eBay. Within a week, he made his first sale. Starting costs for these sites are low, plus they provide traffic and a simple system to get started.

The risk of failure is a lot less painful when starting a low-cost business. But how do you run a business on the side while working a full time job?


3. Focus on building systems.

Start by finding time to set aside for your business. You may need to wake up earlier, stay up later or work on the weekends. After you set some time aside, instead of focusing on goals, start to build systems that will grow your business while you work.

Inspired by books like How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big and The 4-Hour Workweek, Quey focused on building systems that would enable his business to grow while working on the side. He was determined to have a process for everything he did. If a system could be repeatable and scalable, he prioritized those first.

While keeping your day job is a great way to develop your skills and make valuable connections, you’re tied to a per hour base of pay. Entrepreneurs don’t get paid on an hourly basis, but on the results they produce.

2b1 bottom line – “Great suggestions, the entrepeneur spirit is great. Do not allow the fear of failure to stop you also do not think you have to have everything absolutely perfect before you get started, if you do you will get analysis paralysis.  It is far better to go Ready, Fire! as you learn your AIM will get better!”


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Conover Building Maintenance Spotlight

CBM New Jersey Building Maintenance

owner of cbm
2b1 Marketing recently sat down with Anthony Conover owner of Conover Building Maintenance a leading Tri-State area janitorial and staffing company.

2b1: How long have you been in business?
Mr. Conover: We have been in business going on 20 years now providing janitorial services in the New Jersey Tri-State area

2b1: Why did you start CBM?
Mr. Conover: I observed a need and opportunity to serve many businesses & building managers by providing quality and professional janitorial and building maintenance, it has been a wonderful ride providing those services.

2b1: What is Your Business Mission Statement?
Mr. Conover: Our company strives to provide quality, professional cleaning services at a competitive price.
We enable our clients to focus on their core business while we provide service that enhances our clients’ public image and fosters strengthened relationships with their customers. We support a seamless/clean transition from your old cleaning company and establish a solid standard that will be followed for the duration of our partnership and that will be enhanced as technology and your company needs evolve.
Our on going mission, We aim to become recognized as industry leaders in the Tri-State area in the commercial cleaning sector.

2b1: Describe your ideal Client?
Mr. Conover: Our ideal client are concerned with their public image by keeping their building space in excellent condition.

2b1: What makes CBM standout from other Building Maintenance Companies
Mr. Conover: We focus on giving small business personal attention to a large client base. Our goal is to make and keep all of our clients thoroughly happy with our service. I make sure that I am personally available to all of my clients to address any issues. We also offer a strong Service Guarantee, We are Insured and very strong Code of Conduct policy.

2b1: Any short term or long term business goals?
Mr. Conover: We are focused on continuing to grow CBM by focusing in on strong marketing strategies

2b1: Any new offerings or special promotions to announce?
Mr. Conover: We are working on some very exciting new things that we will be announcing by Press Release shortly stay tuned! For now I can inform you that we are focusing on growing our staffing services division. I am very excited about our staffing services it presents a very big opportunity for CBM

If you are a business that is in need of quality janitorial services at a reasonable rates reach out to us today. We offer free no obligation estimates call us at 732.846.9600 or fill out the form here.

2b1: Thank you Anthony for sharing your thoughts on CBM
Mr. Conover: My pleasure Thank you for the opportunity

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Boost The Local Footprint of Your Business Using These Epic Tools

wp pic

For businesses with a physical location, ranking in local search engine results has become an important part of the marketing strategy. Local SEO is a time-consuming process and requires you to put in a lot of effort. But, to make things easier for you, there are a number of free tools that will help you boost your business’s local presence.

Here are 10 free tools that you can start with which will help you achieve local SEO success, much faster.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush gives you insights into your competitor’s organic, paid search, link building and display advertising strategies. It can be your go-to online marketing tool for developing SEO and marketing strategies. SEMrush also gives you a side-by-side comparison of competitor’s domains and lets you estimate keyword competitions and difficulty. Also, with SEMrush, you can launch global campaigns for your site and get all metrics to gauge its success.

  1. Synup

Synup is an all-in-one software for local marketing that lets you manage your local listings, monitor reviews and get detailed reports on how your business locations are performing. Synup will automatically keep your profile on directory sites like Google, Yelp and Bing and also will notify you of all customer reviews. In addition to the software, Synup offers an array of free local seo tools. You can run a free scan to see how your business is doing online. Synup’s Schema Scanner will identify the pages on your site that are missing schema markup. Other tools include Google Guideline Checker and Review Handout Generator.


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