A Reason to Smile Dentistry

Dentist in East Windsor NJ

NJ Business Finder recently spoke with Dr. Daniel Pizzi D.M.D a leading respected Dentist regarding his thriving practice in the East Windsor NJ.

NJBF – How Long has A Reason to Smile been in existence?

Dr. Pizzi – We began the practice in May of 2001

NJBF – Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

Dr. Pizzi – I attended Rutgers University and the NJ Dental School at the time a part of UMDNJ, I graduated in 1998. I am a member of the prosthodontic honor society Gamma Pi Delta. I served a 1 year residency at Jersey Shore Medical Center. I like to travel with my family and a devoted Jets fan

NJBF – My condolences on being a Jets fan

Dr. Pizzi – hope is eternal smile…

NJBF – Tell us a bit about your practice

Dr. Pizzi – Sure, Our patients range in age from 2½ to 94. Our treatment philosophy is based on kindness, compassion, and educating our patients as to their dental needs. We handle routine dental care, aesthetic dentistry, implant dentistry, orthodontics, and complex dental rehabilitation.

Our professional, attentive staff will assist you in navigating the often confusing and difficult world of insurance. We simplify the process and make it very understandable, making your insurance a tool to help your overall dental care. We don’t surprise our patients with high dental bills. Rather, we estimate what your costs would be before treatment occurs. For patients without insurance, we have many financing options to help you receive the dental care that you require.

NJBF – What is your location?

Dr. Pizzi – Our location is 113 Maplestream Road Suite One East Windsor NJ 08520

NJBF – Are you taking on more patients?

Dr. Pizzi – By all means we look forward to helping as many patients as we possibly can our number is 609.426.4500

NJBF – Thank you for your time and we will look at the video to see inside your practice.

Dr. Pizzi – Thank you as well

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